Thursday, November 8, 2007

Weasel flier -- exercise in class 11/8

Linked to my faculty page is a draft of an 8-1/2 by 11 *flier I want to get people to post around campus to solicit work for The Sleepy Weasel, campus arts and letters (and **journalism!) magazine for SCI/Benedictine. Rather than make myself crazy trying to write an imaginative headline for the rather un-imaginative copy I've written below, I decided to put it up on the web so you can copy and paste it into Microsoft Word and make yourselves crazy writing a head for it. Tweaking the copy, too. Doing whatever it takes to make people notice it.

We need to have the types of writing we're looking for -- journalism, fiction, poetry, recycled term papers (altho' we don't call them that) and so on, and the contact information. And we ought to use the weasel picture. (It's by Beth Zink, sophomore in fine arts at SCI.) And, of course, the flier has to fit on a standard sheet of typing paper. Otherwise, the sky's the limit. Use your imagination.

You can work individually or in small groups. I'll copy the best pieces and circulate them as fliers.



* Why am I spelling "flier" that way?

** This would count as publication when you start gathering stuff for your senior portfolios, by the way.

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