Monday, December 3, 2007

Quote w/in a quote w/in a quote

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The CNN story was headlined "Why bad kissers don't get to second base." Cute enough. Worth a look. But what I really liked about it was the punctuation in the last 'graph! Take a look:
"The best kisses are always the ones that happen accidentally," observes New York City resident Benjamin Kayne, 25, a digital media sales director. "(Planned kisses) are just tedious, and I'm sitting there thinking, 'Is this over yet? The commercial is over and I'm missing "CSI".' "
That's a quote within a quote within a quote. That you don't see every day.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Christmas parties are just another excuse to consume Chocolate

A tenuous link to Christmas, but I’m all about books and food.

So to combine 'em, check out this link to it’s got a great photograph too.

In the spirit of the season, have a
second helping.

Christmas Clip Art

Christmas Clip Art

Christmas Cat

Here is a picture of a cute kitten who loves Christmas!

sample pix

Here's a picture of a deputy sheriff's badge. text

Best Christmas Movie

Here is a picture of the best Christmas movie ever

Master Chief will be coming into town for Christmas!

The Master Chief will be using Santa's sleigh this year for Halo fans. Here is a picture for Halo fans. Have a save holiday and Merry Christmas!