Monday, November 26, 2007

"Dirty" Politics

The Robert Novak story is about the two primary leaders and candidates who are running for president in the Democratic party. This story has a few principles that relate to the Statement of Principles for a journalist to use when he or she writes a story for a local or state newspaper.

The story represents the Ninth principle because Novak is voicing his view on both Clinton and Obama, but also, he is trying to "dig" the truth out of both politicans and make a statement to the public with the information he has from both politicians about the election. Basically, he went to both camps to get information from both leaders and combined them together to create his own agenda to draw readers in on a political debate.

The other principle that Novak used was the Fifth principle because it allows journaltists to serve as a "watchdog" with unlimited power. In this case, Novak served as a "watchdog" for Obama by finding out that the Clinton campaign used shocking information that would humilate Obama and ruin his chances of winning the election.

This story can be found on the London Daily which is a summary of the event. It will also provide quotes from Senator Clinton and Senator Obama about the story Novak issued to the public.

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